What is True Wealth Management?

Unfortunately, many investors think of financial planning as simply managing an investment portfolio. But true wealth management transcends mere investment oversight—it embodies a comprehensive approach to an accredited investor’s financial life. Bangerter Financial prioritizes a holistic strategy for every client’s financial plan. This includes planning for Social Security assessing life insurance requirements, planning for long-term care, and strategizing Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs).

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Expert Management of Retirement Plans

Use Retirement Plans Strategically

Bangerter Financial provides seasoned management of 401K, 403B, and 457 plans, ensuring that your retirement savings are optimized for growth and tax efficiency. Our expertise helps you navigate complex contribution limits and distribution rules, maximizing your financial readiness for retirement.

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Strategic Asset Management

Grow Your Investments Wisely

Bangerter Financial manages your assets with precision. We focus on maximizing returns while controlling risk, using diversified strategies tailored to your unique financial goals. Our comprehensive management approach encompasses performance monitoring and continuous portfolio optimization.

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Sustainable Income Planning

Optimize Your Retirement Income

Bangerter Financial specializes in crafting strategies that transform your savings into reliable retirement income streams. From annuities to structured withdrawals, our plans are designed to provide stability and security throughout your retirement years.

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Tailored Life Insurance Solutions

Protect Your Legacy

Our life insurance strategies at Bangerter Financial help safeguard your family’s future, providing financial security and peace of mind. We help you choose the right policies that align with your estate planning goals and financial circumstances.

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Comprehensive Long-Term Care Planning

Secure Your Future Health Needs

Prepare for the future with Bangerter Financial’s long-term care strategies, ensuring you are covered for any health-related eventualities. Our planning protects your assets while providing for your care needs, giving you and your family peace of mind.

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Expert Benefit Claiming Strategies

Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Overcome the complexities of Social Security with Bangerter Financial. Our strategic planning ensures you optimize your benefits, considering timing and taxation to maximize your retirement income efficiently.

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Strategic Wealth Transfer Solutions

Ensure a Lasting Legacy

Bangerter Financial crafts personalized wealth transfer strategies that reflect your wishes and tax planning goals. Our expert guidance ensures your assets are passed on efficiently to the next generation, minimizing tax burdens and fulfilling your legacy intentions.

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A comprehensive wealth management plan entails more than simply focusing on a client’s investment portfolio. At Bangerter Financial, we take a holistic approach to wealth management and incorporate every element of a client’s financial life into their plan.

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