Ray DeWitt, JR. AAMS, CRPC

Managing Director/Registered Representative


Ray has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry helping his clients make educated decisions while working together to develop proactive and tax efficient approaches to their finances. He helps clients determine their personal goals and better comprehend all of the opportunities available to them, then develops realistic strategies to help obtain them. He believes his clients should preserve their hard-earned retirement assets while also employing effective strategies to grow their assets. His ultimate goal is to help guide his clients down a path of success that will help them achieve life-long goals.

Whether you’re an individual looking for investment real estate, investment strategies, retirement income, or a business owner looking to find an exit strategy and retire or make a change, Ray focuses on helping people invest in real estate, either through a private or direct placement. Maybe you want to find tax strategies for your investing or 1031 exchange programs for accredited real estate investors. Ray will work with you on your terms by offering a broad range of financial products and services including brokerage services and financial planning.

Specialties: 1031 Exchange opportunities, Investment management, Retirement planning, Financial Planning, Real Estate Investment Trusts.