At Bangerter Financial, we believe we have a responsibility to advise and guide our clients in the financial planning aspects of their lives and help inform them on the topics that could impact the outcomes of their plans.

We believe you will find the educational resources on this page helpful in learning more about many of the financial issues we consider when working with clients. Those include long-term investing, tax planning, retirement, and 1031 exchange tips and resources.

Essential Intro to 1031 Exchanges and DSTs

If you are considering a 1031 exchange transaction or just want to learn more about these powerful tax-deferred investment options, you’ll find this eBook to be informative and essential reading. Inside, you’ll learn about the advantages of a 1031 exchange, and the rules and important timelines that must be followed.


Download your complimentary eBook on Opportunity Zones and discover how investing in these designated areas throughout the country, can not only provide tax advantages for you, but can also contribute to the economic development and job creation in communities that need it most.

How to Read a PPM

If you’re thinking about investing in a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), reading and understanding its Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is a critical step in your due diligence process. Download your free guide so you’ll feel confident when it’s time to read one on your own. It covers all of the most important information and details about sections that often raise questions.

2021 Tax Planning

Our free 2021 Tax Planning Guide will help you proactively prepare for the upcoming tax season while also offering some insight into how the federal government spends your tax dollars. This complimentary guide outlines the changes to the standard deductions, the impact of the CARES Act, and important tax deadlines you’ll want to keep track of.

The Great Spending Balance

Dealing with your finances requires a constant balancing act. The Great Spending Balance, will show you how to enjoy the present while also saving for tomorrow. It covers important topics like choosing the best home for your needs, comparing mortgage options, deciding how much to spend on a vehicle, enjoying travel without overspending, and more!

Your Retirement, Back on Course

Is it time to rethink your retirement plan? Tired of the limited investment choices your 401k, 403b, or 457 has to offer? And what about those target date funds which assume every investor has the same goals and objectives. Download your free eBook and discover why many workers are choosing the new SBDA option as a tailored, more active approach to their retirement savings!

Preparing for a Satisfying Retirement

Many Americans worry about their financial security during retirement. Even if your retirement is years away, some strategizing now can help you evaluate your current situation and remedy any potential income shortcomings. We have developed this guide to help you understand the steps involved in preparing for retirement and making the most of your options.


Many small business owners put so much of their time and energy into building their companies that they neglect to properly plan for their own financial futures. Our complimentary guide will discuss some of the most common retirement mistakes small business owners make and offer actionable tips that seek to help get your retirement.

Women & Investing

When it comes to taking control of your finances, women face special challenges. Whether you’re single, with a partner, raising kids, running a business, or preparing for retirement, you have unique financial needs. Download our free guide and uncover some of the common roadblocks women face when trying to reach their financial goals.

My Savings Rule to Live By

Many of our clients’ top concern is running out of money in retirement. Just like lane markers on a highway, your money rules to live by are guidelines that keep you moving in the right direction. Download this worksheet and let us help you map out a financial plan in real numbers. Let us show you how each decision you’re making now will affect you down the road.


The complex world of educator retirement benefits is often intimidating. After spending your lifetime helping others achieve their goals, you may wonder where to get the help you need. This guide is designed to help teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals build a strategic plan to help create the retirement you envision.