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Ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families face complex financial challenges, including managing extensive assets, navigating intricate tax regulations, preserving wealth, and ensuring seamless wealth transfer. Bangerter Financial’s Integrated Family Office Services expertly addresses these challenges by offering tailored estate planning, proactive tax strategies, and comprehensive wealth management across a range of public and private investments. Our cohesive approach ensures privacy, maximizes wealth efficiency, and secures a lasting legacy, all tailored to your unique needs.

Strategic Giving, Tax Benefits

Make a Charitable Impact

Bangerter Financial enhances your philanthropic impact by integrating charitable giving into your financial and estate planning. By strategically donating highly appreciated assets, you can achieve significant tax deductions, reduce capital gains, and potentially eliminate estate taxes.

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Expert Estate Planning Solutions

Secure Your Legacy

Estate planning with Bangerter Financial helps ensure your assets are allocated according to your wishes, preventing unintended consequences. Our experienced professionals guide you through complex vehicles and laws to protect and efficiently transfer your wealth.

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Innovative IRA Legacy Strategies

Optimize Your Tax Position

Enhance the value of your IRA with Bangerter Financial’s legacy planning, minimizing taxes and maximizing beneficiaries’ benefits. Our strategic approach preserves your wealth and provides your heirs with a substantial, enduring inheritance.

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Effective Trust Funding Solutions

Safeguard Your Assets

Trust funding with Bangerter Financial ensures precise execution of your estate plans, safeguarding asset distribution according to your wishes. Our expert guidance helps you navigate the complexities of trust funding to provide the security and peace of mind you desire.

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Flexible, Advantageous Asset Transfer

Trusts Tailored for You

Bangerter Financial facilitates the creation of several trusts, offering flexibility and numerous benefits such as tax deferral and deductions. Trusts also prevent probate, ensuring a smoother transition of your legacy.

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Navigate Estate Transfers

Simplify the Probate Process

Avoid the complexities of probate with Bangerter Financial’s guidance. By establishing a will or trust, we help ensure your estate is distributed as you desire, not left to the state’s interpretation.

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Strategic Asset Replacement Properties

Optimize 1031 Exchange Benefits

Leverage 1031 exchanges to defer taxes and enhance portfolio growth with Bangerter Financial’s expert selection of replacement properties, including industrial, multifamily, and essential retail sectors. Our strategic approach helps you capitalize on opportunities you might not know.

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From charitable giving to trust formations and estate planning, Bangerter Financial provides a comprehensive suite of Family Office solutions to address the most complex challenges facing ultra-high-net-worth investors.

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