Tax-Smart Investment Strategies

Maximize Your Returns with Tax-Savvy Investment Advice

Tax strategies tailored specifically for you and your goals through trusts, real estate investing, LLC forming and opportunity zones. Your entire financial portfolio can be utilized.

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Taxes Hurt Returns

Investment portfolios designed with little regard for the influence taxes can impose on investment performance are missing one of the most critical factors to consider when selecting asset classes.

On the other hand, investors who use tax-efficient investment strategies under the guidance of an experienced financial planner are more likely to enjoy superior returns. Bangerter Financial offers clients a range of tax-efficient investments and integrates tax planning as an essential component of every client’s investment portfolio.

Personalized Tax-Efficient Investing

The Guidance You Need

Bangerter Financial offers expert guidance on leveraging credits, deductions, and specialized tax issues tailored to individual income profiles. We design strategies that minimize your tax liabilities effectively.

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Passthrough Tax Benefits

Expertise in Corp. Structures

We specialize in tax strategies for S Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs. From understanding contributions and distributions to mastering reporting and filing requirements, Bangerter helps ensure your business isn’t subject to double taxation.

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Integrated Estate Tax Planning

When Your Legacy Matters

Our skilled investment professionals help you understand how certain tax-efficient investments should be considered as part of your estate planning process, making your wealth succession planning more efficient and compliant.

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Corporate Tax Efficient Investing

Helping Manage Complexity

Our team helps ensure your corporation takes full advantage of available deductions and manages tax liabilities from formation to reorganization. Look to Bangerter as an experienced partner in tax-efficient investments.

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Unique Opportunity Zone Benefits

A Key Long-Term Investment 

Explore the potential of Qualified Opportunity Zones with Bangerter Financial. Our expertise in QOZ funds helps investors understand how these strategies can help defer and potentially eliminate capital gains tax following certain requirements.

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Oil & Gas Investments

Compelling Tax Advantages

Benefit from specialized tax advantages in oil and gas partnerships. Bangerter Financial provides comprehensive guidance on deductions, credits, and unique tax benefits specific to the oil and gas sector.

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Maximizing Defined Benefit Plans

Insights to Grow Investments

Bangerter can help you maximize the tax benefits available within Defined Benefit Plans, including large annual tax-deductible contributions that grow tax-deferred.

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Explore Securitized Real Estate

A Wealth-Building Strategy

Our experience assisting clients using Delaware Statutory Trusts for their 1031 exchange replacement property has helped many discover the freedom of owning a passive interest in institutional quality property through a tax-efficient strategy.

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The sophisticated tax strategies you’ve been looking for. With the expert advice you expect.

As you’ve seen in this brief overview of Bangerter Financial’s tax-efficient strategies, our team is prepared to advise and tailor specific strategies to meet our unique goals and requirements.

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