Real Estate Capital Gains Calculator

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Federal capital gains rate (%)

Profits you earn from the sale of most assets are taxed as capital gains by the federal government. Gains from the sale of assets held for more than a year are deemed “long-term” capital gains which are typically taxed at lower rates than gains on assets held less than for one year (short-term capital gains). The sale of investment property held for rental purposes is subject to federal capital gains tax. Find your long-term capital gains tax rate. Find your long-term capital gains tax rate should anchor links to the 2022 Long Term Capital Gains Rate chart at the base of the page.

State capital gains rate (%)

All but a few states apply a capital gains tax on the sale of most assets. When calculating your tax on the appreciated value of the asset you’re selling, be sure to include any appropriate state tax with your federal capital gains tax. The sale of investment property held for rental purposes is subject to capital gains tax in most states. Find your state tax rate. Find your state tax rate text should anchor links to the State Capital Gains Rate chart at the base of the page.

Net investment income tax (%) (Obama Care Tax Rate)

In addition to federal and state capital gains taxes, high-income taxpayers may be subject to an additional surtax of 3.8% on their net investment income if their modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) exceeds certain thresholds. Net investment income includes items like interest, dividends, short and long-term capital gains, business activities that are treated as passive income, and rental income from investment property.

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2022 Long-term Capital Gains Tax Rates

Tax Rate 0% 15% 20%
Filing Status Taxable Income
Single Up to $41,675 $41,676 to $459,750 Over $459,750
Head of household Up to $55,800 $55,801 to $488,500 Over $488,500
Married filing jointly Up to $83,350 $83,351 to $517,200 Over $517,200
Married filing separately Up to $41,675 $41,676 to $258,600 Over $258,600



State Capital Gains Tax Rate (%)
Alabama 5.00
Alaska 0.00
Arizona 4.54
Arkansas 6.90
California 13.30
Colorado 4.63
Connecticut 6.99
Delaware 3.40
Florida 0.00
Georgia 5.75
Hawaii 11.00
Idaho 6.93
Illinois 4.95
Indiana 3.23
Iowa 8.53
Kansas 5.70
Kentucky 5.00
Louisiana 6.00
Maine 7.15
Maryland 5.75
Massachusetts 5.05
Michigan 4.25
Minnesota 9.85
Mississippi 5.00
Missouri 5.40
Montana 6.90
Nebraska 6.84
Nevada 0.00
New Hampshire 0.00
New Jersey 10.750
New Mexico 4.90
New York 8.82
North Carolina 5.25
North Dakota 2.90
Ohio 5.00
Oklahoma 5.00
Oregon 9.90
Pennsylvania 3.07
Rhode Island 5.99
South Carolina 7.00
South Dakota 0.00
Tennessee 0.00
Texas 0.00
Utah 4.95
Vermont 9.75
Virginia 5.75
Washington 0.00
West Virginia 6.50
Wisconsin 7.65
Wyoming 0.00