Cassie Bangerter

Operations Manager


Cassie Bangerter Cassie Bangerter is the Operations Manager at Bangerter Financial Services, Inc.
Cassie attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she earned a
Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management Economics with an emphasis
in Accounting. As the Operations Manager, Cassie ensures that client assets and
records are properly stated and maintained.
Cassie’s experience is primarily in Forensic and Financial Accounting with a
concentration in Financial Services. In addition, she has spent years serving as
a business consultant to assist companies in identifying process improvements
and creating efficiencies. She loves spreadsheets as well as analyzing systems and
data to ensure assets are properly stated. Her view is that if systems and processes
are measured and followed, errors can be reduced and misappropriation/
misstatements can be prevented or easily detected. Outside of her day-to-day business duties, Cassie spends time with her two girls and husband. She enjoys reading,
being outside, and exercising.